Friday, April 17, 2015

Spring Frogs!

Spring has definitely sprung here! The tulips are blooming, the birds are chirping, and the grass is green again. With that, my students are also getting a little more restless. They want to be MOVING and OUTSIDE! I don't blame them - I want to be outside too! Anyway, to help get some wiggles out, I thought we could do some fun games that let the kids move around a little more. And that's how Frog Hop was born.

First, I picked up a package of these colorful frogs.

I found them at Target Dollar Spot. There were 8 in a package - 2 of each color.  You can push down on the little tab and when you release it, they jump! You could use any kind of jumping toy though - the ants from the Ants in the Pants game would work perfectly, too! 

Then, I made a large target with some craft paper we had here at school and some random circle shaped items (for tracing).

I colored my rings in with a red marker because we were out of red paper. But you could definitely just trace the circles on red and white paper and layer them to save you some time and your red markers! :) 

Each ring of the target has a number in it. The students have to "launch" their frog from the "launch pads" and see where it lands. If they land on the number 5 ring, they have to say 5 target words. The number 3 ring, they say three words, and so on. I laminated my target and added the numbers later with dry erase maker. This makes it a little more customizable for my kiddos. I also used the marker to draw the "launch pads" based on where the kids were sitting around the target.

The kids were up and moving, which made them happy. And I was having NO problem getting language and speech sounds out of them - which made me happy. I call that a win-win!

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