Thursday, September 24, 2015

Rake Em Up! An Articulation Activity for Fall!

I spend three days of my week at the Pre-Kindergarten building. I love those kiddos, but lets face it - they do not sit still. And that's FINE! They are not designed to sit still! So I try to find ways to incorporate movement into therapy! This activity was perfect for that! My Rake 'Em Up! Interactive Articulation & Phonology activity has over 430 cards to target /p/, /b/, /t/, /d/, /k/, /g/, /m/, /n/, /s/, /z/, /s/ blends, /r/, /r/ blends, /l/, /l/ blends, "sh," "ch," "th," weak syllable deletion, and final consonant deletion! Plus it has 2 blank styles for customizable therapy! It will work for nearly every artic or phono student on your caseload! 

Cut them out, laminate them, and stick them in a sand bin.

And let the kids rake them out (I used a little play sand rake).

Have them say the word on each leaf that they rake out. The kids had an absolute blast with the activity and it was perfect with the weather cooling off. It's also pairing perfectly with my Fall Thematic Unit - I'll hopefully have more information to share with you about that soon! Thanks for stopping by! :)