Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Parent Handouts for Articulation

This year, my school is short a speech language pathologist. So my caseload has become quite large. I am also supervising a clinical fellow and traveling between 5 buildings. So time is of the essence. I want to communicate with parents as much as possible, so I created these quick parent handouts for articulation. 
 Each handout includes a visual model of the correct mouth position, an explanation about how to practice, a word list, a checklist for level of difficulty, and a checklist for prompts common to that sound. There is also a place to write your own prompts or comments for more customized practice.
These have been such a life saver this year. There is no need to send home fancy homework packets. I can prep these for my entire caseload in about 30 minutes. And I have gotten excellent feedback from parents! 

You can check them out here.