Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Freebie! Articulation in Conversation Jenga!

I noticed that a lot of my posts lately have been Linky Party posts! I love a good Linky Party, but I thought I'd share an activity that has been awesome for my kids working on their speech sounds in conversation - Conversation Jenga! It's super easy to make and all the prompts are available in my Teachers Pay Teachers Store for FREE!

It seems like when my kiddos reach the point they’re working on their speech sounds in conversation, we start running out of things to do. Therapy can start to become a little boring. So I brainstormed some ideas and thought up “Conversation Jenga!” I’ve been using it with my kids for a while now and they seem to LOVE it! And it was so simple! This FREEBIE tells you exactly how to make the game yourself and it includes 100 question prompts! 

BONUS ACTIVITY: I have two other sets of these Jenga blocks – one with articulation words and one with phonological processes. On these sets, I was able to write a word on all four sides. The phonological process set has final consonant deletion, stridency deletion, fronting, and cluster reduction words. My articulation set includes /s/, /r/, /l/, and “th.” I wrote each set of target words in a different color sharpie. For example, /s/ words are written in blue, /r/ in green, /l/ in red, and “th” in orange. When working with mixed groups I can tell each child which color word they will be saying based on their target. Since there are four words on each block, I am guaranteed that the student will pull a block with their target sound on it.  

Hope your kids enjoy this game as much as mine have! :) 

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