Monday, August 31, 2015

Classroom Decor!

This year, I decided to make my classroom decor as functional as possible to help my students meet their goals as quickly as possible. Of course, I want a cute therapy room. But I have small room and wall space is limited. So I did my best to make sure I was putting the most useful items on the wall. What is going to help my kids the most?

First of all, my school uses PBIS school wide. My district as 4 quadrants: Respect Self, Respect Others, Respect Property, and Be There, Be Ready. My classroom procedures are aligned with these four quadrants.

I also have Rules for Using the Ipad in English & Spanish hanging on the wall. I thought it was important to have some clear guidelines to protect that expensive technology!
I have an Awesome Work wall where each child has a sticker chart they can hang up. I like for each child to have an individual chart so that it isn't so easy to compare themselves to other children. The students earn stickers for following the rules, participating in therapy, and meeting goals. I also award extra stickers when I see a student doing something extra - like encouraging a classmate or practicing independently. When their chart is full, they can get a prize. This works well for my elementary kiddos. My Pre-K kids and lower functioning students have more individualized reward systems to meet their specific needs.
It's looking kind of sad right now since therapy isn't in full swing yet. But imagine the wall with 50 sticker charts on it! :)

This year I also decided to try something new. I downloaded these Goodbye Rhymes from Cara Carroll's Tpt Store. They're a freebie! I hung them by my door.
When the kids leave, I will choose a rhyme that has the articulation sound they are working on in it. They will have to repeat the rhyme to me before they leave the room. Just one more quick, fun way to get in some therapy targets. They would also be great ways to target rhyming words, beginning & ending sounds, etc. And they are super cute!

I also added this chart to my room this year.
I'm hoping that it will help students understand what they are working towards in speech. I'm trying my best to encourage students to be invested in their learning this year - which is an area I've struggled with in the past. As they master a sound at a particular level, they can move their clip to the next level. (And yes, I do have my own bathroom in my office. And yes, it is amazing. Haha)

And check out this cute rug people!

It totally warmed up the whole space, which was feeling a little like a yellow jail cell. haha :)

Now it's looking like this:
What's your favorite classroom decorating trick?!

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